Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stag parties with a conscience

Whilst nobody wants a load of dreadlocked eco-warriors to spoil their fun, it is hard to miss the growing press coverage on the damaging effects of air travel to the environment.

So why not enjoy your stag party with a clear conscience and opt to stay in the UK for the frivolities. In addition to language you can understand (on the whole part anyway) and money you can deal with, and a reliable source of kebabs and chips on hand in most UK cities, there are a lot of locations and activities in the UK you may not have considered.

Saving the money you would have spent on a flight you can enjoy some 'extreme sport' in the day and then a night out on the town; for example a weekend in Leeds off road karting and then clubbing in some of the best venues in the North could be yours for the bargain price of £48.

For details of this and more ideas on stag venues in the UK contact Eclipse Leisure now.


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