Friday, January 27, 2006

Go-karting mad for good clean stag fun

Stag parties have long had a bad rap for being little more than an excuse to get drunk and get on other people's nerves. But what the rest of the population do not seem to realise is that stag parties are complex bonding experiences, sometimes a little alcohol helps with the gelling.

But in these health-conscious times even stags are realising that heavy drinking is not necessarily essential to fun, which is why Eclipse Leisure have such a huge range of outdoor activities in their entertainment portfolio.

When you think go karts, Bournemouth may not automatically be your first port of call, but with offers starting from just £48 a trip down south suddenly becomes more appealing (especially when you consider that it is not a bad night out in Bournemouth, although that is by-the-by...).

If go-karting is a little bit tame for your stag party why not have a go at mud-karting, a whole new experience guaranteed to get your pulse racing? With locations all around the UK this team event is sure to bring out the competitive side in you, and in the absence of any booze all that mud can be very bonding indeed!


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