Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cheap Nottingham deals for Stags

Weddings are expensive at the best of times, but anyone organising their wedding for the first quarter of the New Year faces even bigger problems; namely the Christmas overspend backlash!

Sadly for some, and here at Eclipse Leisure we consider it a travesty, it is often that stag party that feels the pinch first as the budget gets squeezed, so we have come up with a solution.

For a limited time only, in selected locations, we are offering some massive discounts: we are talking just £79 for a night in Nottingham, including dinner and a nightclub, or £129 for 2 nights in a hotel, quad biking and VIP Night Club tickets!

Do you see what we mean - these are crazy prices, meaning that you don't have to forsake the biggest night of your life for some extra flowers at the reception!


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