Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Barcelona for the big boys

In the 30 years since the end of the Franco regime Barcelona has become a changed city. Vibrant, cultural and very sociable, the city has become something of a Mecca amongst tourists wanting to relax and kick back, especially those looking for a good stag do venue.

Whilst Barcelona does have a lot to offer in the way of hedonistic entertainment, it is becoming obvious that the bars and clubs are all that most of them focusing on. It is true that European bars are a bit different, but to be honest, beer is beer and you get most of the European stuff at home anyway.. so why go all that way to hang around bars and annoy the locals (you can do that around any town on a Saturday night).

So if Barcelona is the stag nights destination for you why not contact Eclipse Leisure. Their insider information on all the best spots to visit will prove invaluable on saving you time and getting the most from your weekend, and we don't just mean a raging hangover!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Dublin Stag venue with it all

For a truly memorable stag weekend, without the hassle of a long journey, Dublin as got to be the location with it all. From the nightlife in Temple Bar to the sea safaris and paintballing, Ireland has a bit of everything.

Stag weekends in Dublin are also really easy to organise, especially if you get Eclipse Leisure to do all the work for. Using their contacts you can get some great deals and their personal website service means you can organise your mates as well - just don't forget your passport!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Stag locations so popular airlines take notice

In direct reponse to massive demand from stag parties and stag event organisers, BMIBaby has expanded its servcies form Cardiff International Airport to include Amseterdam and Glasgow, both well-established stag night favourites.

Thsi expansion of services mirrors the ever-growing trend for hen and stag nights abroad as people are prepared to go further for their last big fling.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Stag parties going to the dogs?

For a change from the horses why not have a stag do at the dogs? The informal atmosphere, cheap booze and thrill of the chase make it the perfect choice for a lad's night out: not only do you have the benefit of no thumping music drowning out any conversation, you might also come home with a bob or two!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Stags avoid mixing water with alcohol

A lone stag found asleep by the waters edge in Galway has been arrested and fined for being drunk and a danger to himself and others. The man was so intoxicated that he had fallen asleep on rocks at the water's edge and could easily have been seriously injured.

Whilst stag dos are notoriously a time for heading off to the pub, there is a real danger of causing serious harm when intoxicated. The best advice for stags that do not intend to remain teetotal is to stay together as a group so that if an accident does happen there is more chance of one person being sober enough to avert real disaster.