Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Shame-faced sober Stag?

Right so, you are getting married and having a Stag Night. Great. The only problem is you don't fancy being paraded in front of complete strangers dressed as a woman and being forced to down your own body weight in Stella.

What to do without a) making the ritual humiliation worse? b) not having a stag do and c) getting the mick taken out of you for the rest of your life for not having a typical rowdy stag-do?

This is where the new craze for 'sporty Stag-do's' can save you. Chose from a selection of 'manly' activities, such as sailing, go karting, quad biking, paintballing (you get the idea). By the end of the day you and your fellow stags will be so tired you might manage a few pints and a bit of a chat but that will be it - and you can still have happy memories of the weekend!


At 12:20 AM, Blogger Paul Johnson said...

Great web site. Love the stories about the stag nights. I also have a Stag Night site at you may want to check out :)


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