Thursday, September 29, 2005

Stag Night Nightmares?

So you have been honoured with the mantle of 'best man' and whilst the prospect of exposing every stupid thing your mate has ever done and said in front of his entire dearest and nearest is very appealing, organising the stag party can be another matter altogether.

Theoretically a stag party should be fairly easy - booze, clubbing, kebab, home - but as grooms to be become more discerning in how they spend their last weekend of freedom, expectations can run pretty high. Add to this the logistical nightmare of organising an event with 20 people you don't know and aren't sure how to get money from, and the whole scenario is horribly daunting.

This is where corporate event specialists can help. Far from forcing you to don a yellow crash helmet and build a bridge in some horrible team-building experience, corporate event planners now do a nice sideline in stag party planning. You can chose the level of involvement (i.e. they can organise it all or just point you in the right direction) and one company, Eclipse Leisure, can even set you up a website with online paying so you don't need to chase people for cash.

So now you can concentrate on getting that speech written.


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